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ASP: Professional Grade Batons, Handcuffs, OC, Lighting

Foundation of ASP

ASP was founded in 1976 by Kevin Parsons. A PhD in Police Management from Michigan State University, Parsons spent half a decade teaching firearms and defense tactics at a regional police academy. A nationally respected consultant, he had designed Use of Force training systems for major law enforcement clients across the country. The nation's premier expert witness, he had testified over 500 times defending police agencies in 43 states. A frequent lecturer on Use of Force policy, training and administrative procedure, he was a frequent lecturer for a diverse group of professional organizations ranging from the International Association of Chiefs of Police to the American Bar Association. In each venue, he taught the necessity of systems that were tactically sound, operationally feasible and legally defensible. It was this real world, street oriented background that Kevin Parsons brought to the design of ASP products.

Development Criterial

Three basis criteria exist for the development of new ASP products. First, the design must be functional, the best in its class. Second, the product must incorporate new technology... an innovative solution to a real world problem. Third, each concept must be unique... innovative enough to be patented. In short, new ASP products must make a positive contribution to the profession. The best or nothing for those who can afford no less.

The Standard of Excellence

For over a quarter century, ASP has directed a quest for excellence in product innovation and equipment design. The firm's passion for quality has set the standard in the profession. Today ASP continues to pursue its founding principle. Proud of its heritage. Committed to its goal. Uncompromising in its dedication. ASP... Protecting Those Who Protect.