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Gunslick | Precision Gun Care

In the gun care industry, Gunslick Pro has earned a sterling reputation for providing premium gun care products for the active shooter.

Gunslick Pro provides some of the best gun care and weapon maintenance tools in the business, allowing you to keep your guns in a better-than-new condition. The chosen cleaning tools of world-class competition speed shooter Jerry Miculek, products from Gunslick are proven to be effective methods of keeping your rifles, shotguns, and handguns in peak operating condition. Gunslick Pro cleaning kits are available to clear out virtually every part of your firearm; cleaning rods push solvent-soaked patches through tight areas of your weapon's anatomy, picks and swabs chip away at stubborn buildup, bore brushes effortlessly clear out your weapon's bore, and lube wipes and solvents keep the moving parts of your firearm operating smoothly. Gunslick Professional lets you purchase cleaning tools as individual components or as comprehensive kits that give you everything you need for basic weapon maintenance. To keep your rifle, pistol, or shotgun slick and efficient, clean it with equipment from Gun Slick. Browse our selection of Gunslick cleaning kits below to get swabbing!