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Hoppe's 9

Hoppe's 9 - The Gun Care People

BORE CLEANERS keep your firearms working their best with high quality Hoppe's cleaners and lubricants. Whether it is cleaning your firearms after a day in the field with famous Hoppe's 9, or looking to protect it for storage, Hoppe's has the choice of product for you. From high viscosity lubricating oils and moisture displacing lubricants to protect from corrosion, to Moly & gun grease for protection under heat and pressure. Hoppe's is the world leader for firearm cleaning and lubrication.

Hoppe's has a long tradition of giving hunters and shooters the gun care accessories they need for the highest level of performance. Their history starts in 1903 with Frank Hoppe, who mixed 9 different chemicals to create the original Hoppe's 9 solvent. This is far from the only innovation Hoppe's has brought to the market over the years, but the classic solvent still holds a special place in many shooters' hearts and gun cases. This powerful solvent has been given a number of accessories over the years such as full Hoppe's Gun Cleaning Kits, which have a wide variety of brushes and rods that will clear all dirt and grime from your firearms. But Hoppe's doesn't just want to make better version of tools you can find from other brands, which is why they developed the Hoppe's Boresnake, which makes cleaning your rifle or shotgun a breeze. With these great tools and Hoppe's Targets, you'll have everything you need for a successful day at the range. You'll get great practice and a clean gun by the end of the day. Enjoy your shooting, but enjoy it even more with Hoppe's 9.