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LaserMax manufactures an innovative line of laser sights that deliver powerful laser aiming while taking up little rail space on the firearm. LaserMax guide rod laser sights are the world's only completely internal laser sight system, fitting entirely within the guide rod chamber. LaserMax UniMax laser sights allow you to further customize your firearm, as they take up little rail space. All LaserMax laser sights feature a light-weight, innovative and ergonomic design resulting in some of the most functional laser sights in the marketplace. LaserMax Guide Rod Sights are aligned with the barrel for maximum accuracy and feature an ambidextrous switch with fingertip activation. Make sure to check out LaserMax batteries for LaserMax internal laser sights.

LaserMax has been in the laser-manufacturing business for over 20 years, and during that time their expertise and dedication to quality has pushed them to the forefront of laser technology. Not only are LaserMax laser used by hunters, law enforcement, security and military professionals around the world, but they've also been used on multiple US Space Shuttle Missions! LaserMax has taken the same ruggedness and exceptional performance of their space lasers and applied it to firearm accessories. And it isn't just their construction that should impress you. Every effort has been put into the designs as well, with your performance kept in mind. As a shooter's finger should be kept off the trigger until they're ready to make a shot, the activation switch on most LaserMax laser sights is located where your index finger rests.