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NavAlert Navigation Systems - NavAlert Red Light Speed Cam Detector - NavAlert Radar Laser Detector

Thanks to NavAlert, you can now have an innovative new product that saves you not only time and money, but also alleviates the stress of having your vehicle caught on camera when it's the least desirable. All cameras in North America covered by the NavAlert Red Light Speed Camera Detector. These speed camera locations can be divided into different data sets, allowing the NavAlert system to distinguish between such positions as fixed speed cameras, possible mobile camera positions, red light cameras, schools, and high collision areas. These Navalert GPS speed camera detectors can also sub divide some of the groups by speed limit, and allocate a voice alert. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, as they were answered by NavAlert's team of experts.

Is the unit legal? Yes, the Navalert is based on GPS the government could never make owing a GPS receiver against the law.

Does the unit cover my area? The Navalert database has all red light cameras and speed cameras saved in its database for North America so if your location is anywhere within North America, the answer is YES.

Can the unit be updated if new cameras are added to my area? Yes, this is not a problem, as well because NavAlert monitors all government releases and the news media, and will even have information on cameras that are still weeks away from being activated. Better safe than sorry.

Why would I buy this device when I could just buy a license plate cover? The object is not to run red lights or speed. The object is to be warned of the camera, which is what NavAlert's device does legally. License plate covers, on the other hand, carry high fines by the police, and sprays are not effective anymore on today's cameras.

How does the Speed Trap function work? NavAlert uses a national database of speed camera locations, which the police use to set up radar and laser speed traps. This is highly effective in saving you a ticket when you travel on roads or highways using radar or laser speed detection.