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Radar Guns


Our selection of radar guns and laser speed guns is unmatched. We feature Bushnell Radar Guns including the Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun. We also feature radar guns from Sport Radar Gun, Stalker Sports Radar Gun and others. Our Radar guns work great whether you are looking to use them as a Baseball Radar Gun, or Tennis Radar Gun. Many of the radar speed guns are also suited as a car racing radar gun. If you are looking for a professional caliber sports radar gun be sure to check out the Stalker Pro or Stalker Cordless radar guns.

Radar Detectors


You are sure to find a great radar detector in our selection. We feature both radar and laser detectors from brands such as Whistler Radar, Cobra Radar, Bel Electronics Radar, and Escort Radar. All of our radar detectors are guaranteed to help you identify police and speed traps. All of our radars feature state of the art K band, KA band, X Band, and Laser detection. Be sure to also check out our new Red Light Camera and Speed Trap detection systems.