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Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes are a key part of allowing you to have a more on point shot. Rifle Scopes reticle places a pattern in the eyepiece of the scope and creates a position on the target. There is a wide selection of variations in the reticle that range from simple traditional style crosshairs to illuminated mil dots. Rifle Scope Lens Coating is important because it provides the clearest optical image and the lenses are made from glass. Different lens coating includes fully coated, Multi-coated and fully multicoated lenses. In a Rifle Scope the magnification, power and diameter get you closer to the target without actually "getting closer" to the target.

OpticSale has a wide selection of rifle scopes with great low prices that your wallet will love. You either just bought a new gun or looking to update your rifle scope and OpticSale is here to help. We carry top name brands from Alpen Rifle Scopes, Barska Rifle Scopes, Nikon Rifle Scopes and lots more. OpticSale carries Rifle Scopes for basic needs, night vision and more. We know that having the right Rifle Scope for your gun is crucial therefore we are here to help. Rifle Scopes need accessories such as Spotting scopes, Rings, Rangefinders and a tone more of accessories available for you to look at that go along with your Rifle Scope.

If you have a question about a brand or the optics itself we have specialists on site that will help you with all your questions. Feel free to chat, email or give us a ring and all your questions will be answered. Also, at the bottom of the page under FAQ you can find some information that will also help.

Vism Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

NcSTAR introduced a new business unit for innovative line of Rifle Scopes called Vism. Vism has the same low prices as NcSTAR but Vism proves a new era of optics with those low prices. The biggest unique feature the Vism provides is the Center Beam Laser Scope. This optical scope is one of a kind and is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy allowing a form of solid one piece main tube. Also includes a Nitrogen purged and O-Ring seal which creates a waterproof, fog proof and shockproof Rifle Scope to provide satisfaction in any kind of weather conditions. There lenses are fully multi-coated to provide a high clarity and resolution. Those features of VIsm Rifle Scopes along with other features combined create a one of a kind Center Beam Technology. This scope is available in a matte black 1 inch tube with a variable power 3-9x42 with a choice of Mil-Dot or P4 Sniper Reticle. The VIsm Rifle Scope is a limited addition and OpticSale is one of the limited Authorized Dealers to offer Vism Rifle Scope to our customers. OpticSale provides the accessories and lifetime warranty of VIsm Rifle Scopes.

Barska Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

Barska includes a full line of Rifle Scopes with different models ranging for every possible shooting application including air rifles, military and LEO, tactical and long range shooting and hunting. With all these different model options Barska has given their customers an even bigger selection of riflescopes this year. There new additions include New Pont Black, Ridgeline. Barska made sure every Rifle Scope is designed with quality and has features that provide an incomparable value. Barska also includes a selection from long-range shooters, varmint hunter, big game hunter and recreational target shooter Barska made sure they have the right Rifle Scope that will fit your firearm. Some selections include .17 Hot Magnum, Airgun, Benchmark, Contour, Excavator, Hornet, Plinker, Rimfire, Swat, Tactical Riflescope.

OpticSale is an Authorized dealer of Barska products and we offer great prices for our customers. On top of great prices we have specialists on site to help you with any questions that you may have. Barska Rifle Scopes are supplied with Barska accessories and Warranty.

Bushnell Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

Bushnell has supplied the world with high quality optical products for over 50 years. Bushnell keeps getting recognized for their great products with the design and performance they produce, they constantly keep themselves one step ahead in the competitive scope market. If you are about to go on a hunt for small game Bushnell Elite 4200 series is great, this model gives an adjustable objective in 6x24x40. The objective is incremented in yards and meters and it provided you with a rangefinder, when hunting small game this defiantly helps. Bushnell Elite 3200 series is also worth looking at, because this scope is very powerful and is only of Bushnell's most popular scopes. With features such as Rain guard, fast focus and repeatable adjustments this scope is known as a compact and is priced low. Other models such as Bushnell Legend that is well known is a great long-range scope for varmints, targets or bean-field hunting, Bushnell Banner is a super high powered scope for high performance center fire with dusk and dawn brightness multi-coated lenses. Bushnell Trophy is a powerful handgun scope with Amber-Bright high contrast lens coated to help discern deer-brown from all the other browns in the woods.

OpticSale is a proud Authorized Dealer of Bushnell and we are excited to have a large selection of Bushnell Rifle Scopes that are available for you. If there are any questions about which Rifle Scope is going to work best for you contact one of our specialists and they will be happy to help you. Every Bushnell Rifle Scopes is supplied with accessories provided by Bushnell and its warranty.

NcSTAR Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

NcSTAR has been around for a few years but they have grown to be one of the biggest optics providers today. NcSTAR mission is to provide great prices with quality optics with innovative designs and the best customer service. Those along with a few other reasons why OpticSale is a proud Authorized deal of NcSTAR's products. NcSTAR Rifle Scopes provide a satisfaction throughout your lifetime once you own a pair. More professional users, armed forces and wildlife observers all around the world prefers to use NcSTAR Rifle Scope and we do not blame them. One popular NcSTAR Rifle Scope is the Mark III series, it is designed for snipers, hunters, target shooters with features you cannot find on an average scope. This series is offered in five different sizes and has three different reticle options. Another popular series is the Shooter Rifle Scope it is stylish and includes simple control features to provide easier usage for a scope with great optics quality. This Shooter Rifle Scope is perfect for any style of hunting or shooting. If you are an enthusiastic hunter try NcSTAR Pistolero Rifle Scope series that offers a variety of power setting with long eye relief scopes. The Pistolero Rifle Scope is designed to provide optimal function on pistols, scout rifles and any other platform that needs long eye relief. OpticSale provides the manufactory warranty and the NcSTAR Rifle Scope warranty. Have questions about which series is going to work best for you, contact one of our specialists and they will help you out with every question you have.

Nikon Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

Nikon has always been known for its great optics and we at OpticSale are proud to offer the wide range of Nikon'sRifle Scopes to our customers. Nikon rifle scopes division is based out of El Segundo, Ca. Nikon offers only high quality. Nikon made sure that every type of user is able to get the right kind of scope they want. Almost every Nikon Rifle Scope is waterproof, fog and shock resistant. There range of scoops include Hunting, Target shooting, long range shooting, pistol shooting, black powder, rim fire, and shotgun needs. Nikon wide range will satisfy your needs and budget which will allow you to kill two birds with one stone with one product. One of their better and popular series is their Nikon ProStaff that comes with a great price for a good size Rifle Scope. OpticSale offers three different series of Nikons Rifle Scopes the Fieldscope Spotting Scopes, ProStaff Spotting Scopes, Spotter Spotting Scopes and every one of these series has models to satisfy every users needs. OpticSale offers every Nikon Rifle Scopes with Nikon accessories and Nikons warranty. If you have any questions about Rifle Scopes our specialists will help you just contact them without hesitation.

Vortex Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

Vortex what use to be a optics store in Wisconsin transferred into one of the most known optic brands today. Vortex stands for three simple words: People, Products, Promises. OpticSale is an Authorized dealer of Vortex Rifle scopes and we love their commitment therefore we offer their wide range of products to our customers and for their optical quality other manufactories would change double if not triple for what Vortex offers. OpticSale wants to satisfy every user needs and for that we are here to help you find the perfect Rifle Scope to achieve that. Vortex Crossfire Rifle Scopes and Vortex Diamondback Rifle Scopes series offer waterproof, fogproof, performance at a great price. The Vortex Viper Rifle Scopes give a long-range shots and great for extreme-range shooting. Every Vortex Rifle Scope comes with its own accessories and the VIP warranty provided from Vortex by OpticSale.