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Steiner Compact Binoculars - Steiner Birding Binoculars - Steiner Sports Binoculars

With a true passion for business, optics pioneer Karl Steiner established Steiner Optik GmbH in 1947. Despite the difficult economical post-war situation the newly found, innovative company grew from a one-man factory to a more than 50-employee company within 6 years. Offering products from small cameras to binoculars and special lenses, Karl Steiner soon realizes that the company’s future lies within the production of professional high-quality binoculars. This revolutionary idea set high standards within the optics industry and Steiner Optik soon becomes the world-leading quality manufacturer of binoculars. It is the year 1973 when father Karl stepped down and his son Carl Steiner continues to run the family business. Putting his heart into further developing his father’s innovative product ideas, Carl Steiner manages to strengthen the company’s position and Steiner Optik becomes the world’s leading company in binocular production with products available in over 45 countries.

Since the beginning, Steiner Optik has always focused on creating new technologies for the optical equipment. Many revolutionary state of the art innovations were not only developed by Steiner, but set have also the standards for the quality and convenience of future products with all binocular manufacturers. Steiner's innovations include rubber armoring, the first binoculars ever with an integrated compass, the first binocular with special optical coating to protect against harmful UV radiation, the pocket-size binocular, and the new Predator lens coating to increase contrast of animals against wooded backgrounds.

Faithful to the traditions upon which his father founded the company, Carl Steiner held on to his commitments of unsurpassed top notch quality, keeping the production location in Germany, which creates new jobs and career opportunities, as well as expert training of his staff of now approximately 300 and a constant investment in research and development. Today, Steiner manufactures binoculars for the military, marine , hunting, outdoor, birding and leisure activities. The name Steiner stands for high quality and performance optical equipment. From its humble, post-war beginnings, the company has made it into the league of the largest manufacturers of high-quality optics. Generations of devotion resulted in the highest level of technology, for a lifetime of dependable performance!