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TruGlo understands that for a shooter to hit his mark he has to be able to see his sights day or night. Whether you're using a crossbow, shotgun or rifle, you'll find a great illuminated night sight below. Tru Glo has a number of great sights that will give you a perfect view of the sight in varied conditions. They achieve this through either Tritium or fiber optics. Tritium will glow bright and true for years, and fiber optics gather ambient light to power the sight.

The brighter it is around you, the brighter the sights will be. And TruGlo is able to give you all this top quality for a great value. It isn't easy to find a comparable option to a TruGlo Red Dot Sight. They have a wealth of features, durable construction and advanced technology. From Shotgun Night Sights and BDC Reticle Riflescopes to bright, durable binoculars, TruGlo has the versatile optic or sight that you need!